Faculty Development Programme on Climate Change

Event date :
Monday, February 18, 2019 - 10:30 to Tuesday, February 19, 2019 - 05:30

Climate variability and climate change are posing great challenges and threats to development. Evidences and impacts of climate change are already visible on many sectors such as agriculture, water resources, human health, forest, and biodiversity. While the issue of climate change is global, its detrimental impacts are often visible at local levels, highlighting the importance of initiating coordinated efforts to tackle impacts of climate change while also building resilience of communities at local levels.
Being a land-locked state with almost 70% of rural population which is solely dependent on natural resources, receding groundwater tables and diminishing surface water available for irrigation and drinking water purposes, Madhya Pradesh is considered as one of the most vulnerable states to impacts of climate change. Realizing this, actions are being taken up at various levels in Madhya Pradesh to make the sectors and communities more resilient.
It is also utmost important to sensitize people in order to make them better prepared and resilient to the impacts of climate change. In this endeavour, EPCO has been regularly connecting with various stakeholders through awareness and training programmes on various aspects of climate change through different media to raise awareness and enable them to appreciate the graveness and importance of this topic.
At the end of the programme participants will have an understanding of basic tenets of climate change, its impacts of various spheres of life along with mitigation approaches and adaptation strategies available in order to better cope with the challenges.


1. Enhance understanding about the causes and effects of climate change.
2. Broaden understanding of inter-linkages between climate change, sustainable development and environment.
3. Create a sense of responsibility as a concerned citizen and reach out to a larger audience.

Course Module

 Concepts of Climate Change- Basics, Causes & Impacts
 Climate Change & Sustainable Development- Key concepts, dimensions & characteristics of Sustainable Development and Climate Change. Human factors driving climate change and their inter-relationships
 Adaptation and Resilience – Introduction to terms; Resilience & Vulnerability; concept, process, funding schemes, case studies of Climate Change Adaptation.
 Mitigation- What, Why & How to Mitigate
 Climate Change Response- Policy interventions and Actions Taken at Global, National and Sub National Levels

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