About Us

It has been conclusively ascertained that significant changes are taking place in the physical and biological systems across the globe as a consequence of global warming. Sustainable development, food and economic security of nations which depend more on natural resources are at threat especially when there are limited accesses to financial and technological resources that can help abate the adverse impacts of Climate Change

This alarming situation demands the need of a knowledge management system that can inform decision makers and guide policy framers, officials and civil society. The urgency of the situation has spurred the setting up of the State Knowledge Management Centre on Climate Change (SKMCCC) and the climate change knowledge management portal.This is an ambitious collaboration between the Madhya Pradesh government and the UNDP to integrate, collate and disseminate news, information and knowledge on climate change.
The portal will have a dual role; on one hand it will facilitate knowledge creation and dissemination of work on climate change to a large audience in the state and on the other hand it will help create awareness on issues around climate change specific to Madhya Pradesh,

Objectives of the portal
The Government of Madhya Pradesh accords high priority to climate change. The Environmental Planning & Coordination Organisation (EPCO) has been designated as the State Nodal Agency for addressing climate change issues in the state. A Climate Change Cell has also been established in EPCO.
The climate change knowledge management portal is an interactive moderated website that has been established to meet the needs of  three major categories of user groups: policy makers and implementers, practitioners and experts; and civil society and communities.

The broader objectives of the portal are:

  • To take the knowledge creation and dissemination work on climate change to a  larger audience in the state.
  • To create awareness on state specific issues around climate change
  • To create an interactive knowledge portal on climate change

The portal is meant to act as an updated knowledge e-repository on climate change and host locally, nationally and globally relevant knowledge. The knowledge portal hosts and responds to queries from users on technical and policy issues related to climate change. It also hosts discussion forums for members of all the three categories of user groups on specific thematic issues related to climate change.

The climate change portal not only provides a platform for sharing experiences on community-based interventions on climate resilience and for linking Madhya Pradesh’s Community-based Climate Pulse Centres (CCPCs, which are established at the divisional level) with the larger audience  but it also prepares basic overviews on advanced technical articles, and country, state, and district-level data and information for making it accessible to different users in simple comprehensible ways.